Selected industry's green in year 1381 and 1383 / Certificate Quality Management ISO 9001 Version 2000 / Certificate Environmental ISO 14001 Version 1996 Lloyds UK companies

...We are honored as

»The elected green industry of Khorasan Razavi in 1392 &1393

»The largest sugar beet factory of the country

»The elected green industry of the country in 1381 & 1383

»The best industrial unit of the country in 1384

»The best unit of the country according to the Ministry of Health in 1385

»Having the Golden medal of research and development and R & D crystal ball

»The best unit in terms of product quality and the criteria of the standards of the province in 1386

»The best company of the year 1382 for environmental protection among the sugar factories of the province

»Having the ISO 9001 Version 2000 certification of quality management

»Having the ISO 14001 Version 1996 environmental certification from Luids Company in England


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